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Check out my latest incredible news! My 8th couple just got engaged!!! :) 


Hello and Welcome. My name is Daniella Rudoff. 

I am interested in meeting you, getting to know you and helping you meet your spouse.

I am also here to help you through your dating experience to make sure you meet and marry the right person for you. 

My niche is Jewish Singles of all ages, all religious and secular ranges, all around the world. You would be impressed by the varied range of people in my network! It's fabulous for everyone!

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Incredible news!!! I just got the amazing call that my 8th couple just got engaged!! They are still telling friends their fabulous news... so I can't announce who it is at the moment. There will be a buzz around, so I can't wait till you hear about it!! A huge... huge ... huge mazal tov to my dear couple... my dear friends!! May you have a lot of love and happiness together for so many happy years to come!! What's so interesting is as I wrote in my earlier post today on Facebook... this is a similar case... she came to meet with me in May 2014 and he came to meet with me June 2017... how crazy is that? Do I want it to go faster? Of course!! But the second he came to meet with me, I suggested my idea to him that night of our meeting and they were both interested in meeting each other and they've been happily dating since and BH they just got engaged! Wow! Just wow. 
It's working! Thank G-d!
Mazal tov!! 
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My Amazing 7th couple! 

I am so excited to wish a huge Mazal Tov to my 7th amazing couple, Natanyah Siegel and Charlie Varon on their engagement!!!  Congratulations to Natanyah's parents who live in Florida and Charlie's parents who live in Atlanta, GA!! It's pretty incredible because I introduced them while she is living in Virginia and he is living in Atlanta! They are my first couple who got engaged who both individuals presently live in the US and my 1st couple who met on FaceTime for their 1st date!  :I think all three of us knew it was going to work as soon as they spoke! It's been so fun and special to be part of your lives and to be so connected to such wonderful people. May you have a lot of the light of Chanuka shine brightly in your lives... may you have blessing and joy, love and friendship together for many happy years to come, please G-d! SO COOL!! 



Let's keep them coming!!


A beautiful note I received today:

"You're a support system for so many! One of the hardest parts of being single is the waiting game and not knowing whether people are thinking of you. Seeing your posts remind me that there are people out there who are and are dedicated to helping us find the right match. I love seeing all the matches you set up! I look for them daily because it's my reminder that there are people who are truly dedicated to helping!"                                                                                                                                    

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