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Hello and Welcome. My name is Daniella Rudoff. 

I am interested in meeting you, getting to know you and helping you meet your spouse.

My niche is Jewish Singles of all ages, all religious and secular ranges, all around the world.

As a Dating Mentor and Educator, I am happy to guide you through the dating process.

Once you get engaged you can check my services page for my Marriage Education services! :)

Looking forward!!

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   The Joys of My Work:  

My 5th shidduch!!

It is with tremendous joy and gratitude to Hashem that I would like to wish a huge

Mazal Tov to

Shira Zamore and Eytan Goldstein

on their recent Marriage!
I feel blessed to have introduced Shira to Eytan!!!

Check out their cool story on my blog!

May you have many happy and healthy years of simcha, bracha and to be a source of nachat to your family, friends and Am Yisrael! 
With lots of love!! 


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Daniella Rudoff is The MarriageArchitect : "Networking for Singles" Globally! 

"Networking for Singles" | Dating Mentor | Marriage Educator



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