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My incredible story of how MarriageArchitect

and "Networking for Singles" began...


Hello and Welcome. My name is Daniella. I live in Beit Shemsh, Israel with my incredible husband, Joshua, of 22 years and our 7 fabulous children, ranging from 7-21 years old. My family has been absolutely dedicated to this exciting development and creation of Marriage Architect. It is a family success for each engagement and marriage. My husband is my inspiration, mentor and role model of what a spouse should be in a marriage.

When deciding to be a marriage educator, I felt inspired to teach couples how to build a happy marriage with solid skills and foundations. Hence, the name, Marriage Architect. This is how it all began...

I am not sure how or the reason that "Networking for Singles" all began, but I do know that incredible guys and girls, men and women, singles of all ages 19 and up, started coming to meet with me and see if I knew of a spouse for them. I found that as each person came, I became their friend who wants to set them up. I felt energized from the very start to help them. I started "Networking for Singles". Little did I know that this would become my full-time career. After 9 months of doing this pro bono, this went from a small network to very large network of people, I needed to decide whether I should continue working for the greater, Global Jewish, singles community or close the doors entirely and get a regular day job. Seeing that there was a definite need, I figured that I would give it a shot, formalize the position, create an official business and see what I could do for my rapidly growing "Networking for Singles" community. Over the past few years this has continued to develop at a steady pace and many beautiful results have taken place; 6 successful, happy marriages, my recent 7th engaged couple, 5 Marriage Architect babies, positive dating, a positive environment for people to feel like a person, enjoying a meeting with me to really get to know them well enough to set them up either immediately or in the future and not seen as a piece of paper. The potential is great! I know hundreds of people and as I meet each new person, it is exciting to see if I have someone suitable for them to meet! Fortunately, some really great things are going on behind the scenes... can't wait to tell you about them! :) 

I love getting to know each person during my 'in person' meeting in Israel or in a Skype or Google Hangouts meeting, when my client lives outside of Israel... then my thinking of a suitable idea for them, working quickly via email or facebook messages to set the couple up for a first phone call, then making sure that things are running smoothly. Daters have appreciated my staying in touch and offering dating advice and encouragement. 

As a result of becoming so involved with setting singles up, I am able to feel that I am absolutely utilizing my professional experience of 10 years of teaching in the classroom in the US and implementing my educational background and qualifications of a Bachelors and a Masters in Jewish Education and a Marriage Education certificate, from Yeshiva University. I incorporate my professional and personal experiences as I mentor, consult and enrich daters on their way to marriage. I am an educator and not a therapist, just what the average, dater and happy couple needs. 

Education is the first step in Prevention.

Invest in Your Marriage.

Invest in Your Happiness.


Certified Instructor learned at Yeshiva University in Hilchot Niddah, relationship building, and marriage education.
Educated by Machon Puah in women’s health issues within the framework of Halacha.
M.S. in Jewish Education, Azrieli Graduate Institute, Yeshiva University
B.A. in Jewish Studies, Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University

Letter of Recommendation for Daniella Rudoff by Rabbi Avishai David, Rabbinic Torah Authority, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University’s Torat Shraga, Jerusalem and Rabbi of Beit Midrash Torah Leumi, Beit Shemesh. Rabbi David encourages every engaged or married couple from every walk of life and hashkafah to learn Daniella Rudoff’s Marriage Systems.

I am available to consult with you:

  • in person
  • via phone | Skype | Google Video Chat
  • privately | group sessions | speaking engagements
  • in Israel and occasionally in the US
  • in English and Hebrew
  • Contact Daniella: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Facebook: Daniella Rudoff