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Tongue Tied on a Date?

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Tongue tied on a date?


Ask a thought provoking question which will get the conversation rolling and it will allow you to learn a lot about your date's character, personality, priorities, childhood, family, communication skills and for your date to learn about you.


Nothing left to discuss? Then, try this!


Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-12? Why?

I asked this question to the many people at my Shabbat table this week.

There were some really great answers from people who live all around the world; Florida, New Jersey, Boston, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Beit Shemesh, and New York. Even the person who originally said that they couldn’t think of one teacher who had a positive effect on them throughout their childhood, realized that they actually had two favorite teachers! Everyone had such beautiful memories and inspirational stories to share with us.

Why was this teacher your favorite teacher? Did they smile at you with the energy that made you know that you could and would succeed at everything that you will do in life? Were they patient with you? Did they make learning fun? Did they make you feel smart? Did they have great stories to tell? Did you ever look at your watch during their class? Was it their fabulous and energetic personality that was just so attractive and loving? Did they write incredible notes to you on your tests? What is it that you love about that teacher?

Appreciate and Pay It Forward.

1. Today: Pick up the phone or send this teacher an email to thank them for being such an inspirational teacher and role model to you. Wow! You will truly make their day, week, year and life. The dedication that educators put into their work is priceless. Why rob them of such tremendous satisfaction? Inspire them to continue. Appreciate.

2. Pay It Forward. Be that genuinely positive individual, be the type of person who makes things fun! You will make an effect on the people around you, whether it is in the classroom, the board room or the dining room. Smiling is contagious. Being positive and confident is attractive. Model this teacher's behavior that you loved. Build on it. Be yourself. Be great. Make a positive and everlasting impact in this world. Today!

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