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Burying and Building: Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, z"l

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Rock Bottom. We as a Nation have hit spiritual heights of unity and compassion, yet as an individual, I feel that I have hit rock bottom regarding the kidnapping and subsequent murder of three young, teenage boys in Israel: Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, z"l.

Numb. Speechless. Sad. Broken.


As a human being, I find it unfathomable to be so cruel and ruthless. Hate is not part of my daily vocabulary, nor my family’s. We literally do not allow our children to say they “hate” something… We instill the “I do not like” to replace it. 

As a proud Jew, we made Aliya to Israel on Aug 17, 2005, with Nefesh B’Nefesh, 9 years ago. It was a glorious day for us on a personal level, but it was also infamously known as the day the Jews were forced to leave their homes from Gush Katif. Everyone was walking around in this same devastated manner. I am trying to wrap my head around the anti semitism which has infiltrated our world. Everywhere.

 As a Mother, I am crying for the loss of our boys. I am crying while I exercise, while I work, while I do my everyday activities, while I pray, while I read blogs, while I was at the funeral yesterday.

 Why do I feel so connected? Why has it hit me so hard?

 This morning, I read and shared a blog by Yair Lapid, which seems special, but typical to the rest of the blogs.

One line hit home for me.

It struck a chord.

On a personal level, as well as on a global level.

“When we bury a child, we cry over the lives they haven’t lived. Today we are burying a wedding; we’re burying the first breath of a newborn child. Today we are burying an entire Shabbat table that will never come into being. And so let’s remember every second that we are burying today a child.”


Aside from loving and taking care of my own family, I have spent the past 2 years filled with consecutive days running one into another devoted to helping to connect singles world- wide, in the hopes that I could help each individual ‘single’ in my network to meet their spouse.

 I didn’t come up with this brainchild myself, rather people found me. All part of G-d’s plan. Apparently, my MarriageArchitect website and title for my Marriage Education initiative to offer positive foundations to happy engaged and married couples, also conveyed to many the message that I set singles up.

Essentially, I started  avidly  “Networking for Singles” for:

All ages.

All religious levels.

All around the world.


Easy? No.

Endless work? Yes.

Endless Love for Jews? Yes.

Endless Love for People? Yes.

It is

Endless love to help someone achieve the ultimate happiness: Unity and Love with their Spouse.

Ultimately, I am also working on what we need desperately as a nation. Jewish Continuity.


I feel sadness for the Fraenkel, the Yifrach and the Shaar Families.

I feel the void. For them. For us.

I feel confused at how I can spend my every waking minute giving to others, while others are raised with the values of how to take.

To take life and to celebrate.

We celebrate life by giving.


I understand that nothing will #BringBackOurBoys alive.



It’s ok to cry.

But crying can’t be a lifestyle.

We will not make it our lifestyle.

Instead, I feel a need to attain the awareness on a daily basis in a meaningful way.

In light of Yair Lapid's words: “Today we are burying a wedding.. "

I feel the need to dedicate the many hours that I put into “Networking for Singles” to our boys… to have Jewish Homes built in their memory. The Jewish Continuity that they themselves can not achieve in person, but they can in spirit.

 My work and methods will all stay the same for as long as I am willing and capable.

Endless work.

Endless Love for Jews.

Endless Love for People.

Endless love to help someone achieve their ultimate happiness:  Unity and Love with their Spouse.


Jewish Continuity.


Only now, I will keep Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali z"l, in mind when "Networking for Singles" and building happy, Jewish homes.


May their memories be blessed.





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