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Why would a “good” guy come to meet with me to get set up on a Date?

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Why would a “good” guy come to meet with me to get set up on a date?

Questions that you, the girl, may be asking; Is he “normal”? My kind of guy? Why would he need someone to set him up on a date? Is he only a certain religious type that goes to someone to get "set up" on dates?

You would be surprised about the number of eligible, “cool”, normal guys, of all ages (20 and up) and all types of religious and secular levels, world wide, who are relieved and thrilled to have someone who really gets to know them well enough to set them up on suitable date. The shocker is that if I don’t have a good idea now, then I will not set them up! They love that! They see that once someone new comes to meet with me, who is a suitable idea, then I will contact them and suggest it. Guys understand that in addition to the vast network of singles who I meet with individually and carefully match, they appreciate having someone to offer them advice, guidance and skills to ensure a positive and successful dating experience.

Do the girls love it? Yes. Let's just say... thrilled with the follow up, feedback, skills, advice and opportunities when suitable.. 

It’s the new, boutique style, niche in dating in the Jewish, modern world.

It’s happening here. “Networking for Singles” is a branch of

“Networking for Singles” - Dating Mentoring - Marriage Education

The best part is...  I love what I do!!! :) : ) :)

You are welcome to learn more about how I set singles up world wide: here

Or Contact Me for an appointment here.

Are you going to be my next shidduch?!!? :)

Looking forward!
Daniella :)


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