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Dating Internationally...WORKS!

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I was in the middle of what I call, a "Networking for Singles" meeting with a girl a few weeks ago. She came to meet with me, in order for me to get to know her well enough to set her up with a guy who will hopefully be her husband.... I thought of a possible guy for her, so I wrote to him a quick email to see if he is available to date... with no information about the girl... then I continued to learn more about this wonderful girl in our meeting... then I realized that he is NOT a good idea for her. OK. Meanwhile, I set the girl up with a different guy who was more suitable for her.

Following my meeting, I received an email reply from the guy that he is available to date (great!) , but he is not in Israel right now, but rather, he is in Pennsylvania working in a camp for the summer... and he wanted to know if I had a good idea for him in the US?

OMG! YES! Immediately, without even looking in my database... just by knowing each person in my network well, as a result of meeting with each person... I suggested a girl who would be a great idea for him. As soon as I sent him the email, I then wrote to her... asking her how she is doing and if she is available to date. She wrote back immediately that she was available to date.... but she is going to be in Pennsylvania for the summer working in a camp! Pretty cool!!

I set them up and as of now, they are still dating… we’ll see what happens… :)

(Update: This couple got engaged and now they are married!! So cool! My 5th shidduch, Shira Zamore and Eytan Goldstein, is a result of my "Networking for Singles" worldwide and of course, the Hand of G-d. Mazal tov!! :) )

Cool! International dating is really awesome when it works! My 2nd shidduch (and now 5th shidduch) was a result of my meeting people globally. Presently, I have set up quite a number of international dates... and they are in the works.

The way it works: It's about my knowing each person well enough to set them up suitably wherever they live in the world. Afterall, I meet people on Skype if they live outside of Israel and in person if they are in Israel. It works only if they tell me that they are going on a vacation or returning from their stay in Israel, etc.. and then if I can think if I have someone suitable for them in that destination. Of course, when someone new is coming to their city, then I can set that up, too! Busy! Busy! ....Loving it!!

Have no fear... regular local dating still happens... I just think international dating is a cool phenomena which is worth mentioning. :)

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If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, then you are a suitable candidate to join my awesome “Networking for Singles” Network.

  1. Are you Jewish?

  2. Do you either speak English or Hebrew?

  3. Do you want to get married?

Do you want more info about a "Networking for Singles" meeting? Send me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am looking forward to meeting you! :)


Shira and Eytan... Dating, BH! :)





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