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Fun Date Ideas in Jerusalem Guest Blogger: @FunInJerusalem

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Thank you to @FunInJerusalem Joanna Shebson for this awesome guest blog about dating ideas in Jersusalem! :) Thank you, @RealJStreets for helping to make this happen!! :) You rock! :) 

There is no better place to date then in Jerusalem. Whether you like to take your dates out for coffee, dinner or just spend time getting to know one another while you have some fun, Jerusalem is the place to do it.

As the editor of Fun In Jerusalem, I am usually focused on inspiring family fun but many of the ideas and activities are also great for singles looking to impress their dates. You can be sure when you offer these activities as options, your date will already give you extra points for creativity.

Want a fun way to see how your potential partner thinks? Challenge them to a Puzzle Quest and see how they react under pressure and if they know how to think out of the box. Remember they will be watching you as well. The game lasts 60 minutes unless you solve the clues even faster. If a second date is on the horizon, then spend your followup date at the Jerusalem Escape Room to extend the fun.

ZuZu Zoo Date

Tired of meeting for drinks or food and want to show a date that you know how to have fun? Take them on a Segway Tour of The Old City or Yemin Moshe. Segway is the most modern form of transportation and the tour is entertaining and fun. You will have plenty of time to chat in between stops and after the ride.

Taking a date on a Tasting Tour of the Shuk is a great way to learn about what your date likes and what they don’t. Are they fascinated by the smells & spices at Pereg that remind them of home or do they gravitate towards the spiritual stories at the Etrog Man? If you want to extend the date and don’t mind spending some cash, then arrange a private cooking workshop with a local chef in Mahane Yehuda at Shem Tov Cafe. One thing is for sure, make sure to stop into Shem Tov Cafe for an amazing Sachlav.

For a uniquely Jerusalem idea, take your date on a PhotoWalk with the Real Jerusalem Streets Blogger This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She will teach you how to photograph some of Jerusalem’s most well known views. No experience required. The walk can take you through the beautiful cobblestone streets of Yemin Moshe and it can be a great way to “capture the moment.”

Last on my list for Fun Dates in Jerusalem – Part 1 is my personal favorite date spot; the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. My husband and I had one of our first dates there and spent hours walking around the beautiful grounds. We even have some nice pictures to show for it. Tip: there is also a new Segway ride in the Zoo if you want to add fun to the date.

Have some fun in Jerusalem and make the most out of getting to know someone special in this special city!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you to @daniellarudoff for inspiring this post. Visit her websiteMarriage Architect if you are a single looking to network. 

About Joanna Shebson

Joanna is the Founder and FUN Expert at Fun In Jerusalem. What started out as a mommy blog has grown into a successful tourism website. Joanna is married with three kids and lives in Katamon, Jerusalem. She loves to inspire family fun in Jerusalem.


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