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Meeting 'Her' Parents!

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  • I'll never forget the anxious feelings I had before meeting each of my husband's family members... and no matter how amazing they were and continue to be... I was so nervous. I couldn't even eat a thing!! Just be yourself is the best advice... but along those lines, yesterday, a guy asked me...

  • Q: "I'm going to her family for shabbat for the first time this week.  any tips?

  • I'll be staying at the neighbors."

  • A: Yes. Sure!

  • 1. Try to bring either flowers, wine, chocolates/ candy or fruit for both your sleeping hosts and for your girlfriend's family and/ or her as well... it doesn't have to be too expensive. It's the thought that counts.

  • 2. It's all in the note.... write a nice note for each gift... this is super important! Flowers don't last, but the note does.... also, it shows sensitivity and that you are sentimental.

  • 3. Smile. Be friendly with her family,  but don't lose sight of your girlfriend. Pay attention to her, as well. It makes sense that they are paying attention to how you are interacting with each other. Of course you will want to be together, but sometimes people are so focused on making a good impression on their new family to- be, that they don't spend enough time with their new spouse to- be.

  • Response: "Thanks. that is actually really useful advice.  I didn't think of all of that."

My pleasure! Good luck and enjoy! 

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