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Dating Internationally...WORKS!

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I was in the middle of what I call, a "Networking for Singles" meeting with a girl a few weeks ago. She came to meet with me, in order for me to get to know her well enough to set her up with a guy who will hopefully be her husband.... I thought of a possible guy for her, so I wrote to him a quick email to see if he is available to date... with no information about the girl... then I continued to learn more about this wonderful girl in our meeting... then I realized that he is NOT a good idea for her. OK. Meanwhile, I set the girl up with a different guy who was more suitable for her.

Following my meeting, I received an email reply from the guy that he is available to date (great!) , but he is not in Israel right now, but rather, he is in Pennsylvania working in a camp for the summer... and he wanted to know if I had a good idea for him in the US?

OMG! YES! Immediately, without even looking in my database... just by knowing each person in my network well, as a result of meeting with each person... I suggested a girl who would be a great idea for him. As soon as I sent him the email, I then wrote to her... asking her how she is doing and if she is available to date. She wrote back immediately that she was available to date.... but she is going to be in Pennsylvania for the summer working in a camp! Pretty cool!!

I set them up and as of now, they are still dating… we’ll see what happens… :)

(Update: This couple got engaged and now they are married!! So cool! My 5th shidduch, Shira Zamore and Eytan Goldstein, is a result of my "Networking for Singles" worldwide and of course, the Hand of G-d. Mazal tov!! :) )

Cool! International dating is really awesome when it works! My 2nd shidduch (and now 5th shidduch) was a result of my meeting people globally. Presently, I have set up quite a number of international dates... and they are in the works.

The way it works: It's about my knowing each person well enough to set them up suitably wherever they live in the world. Afterall, I meet people on Skype if they live outside of Israel and in person if they are in Israel. It works only if they tell me that they are going on a vacation or returning from their stay in Israel, etc.. and then if I can think if I have someone suitable for them in that destination. Of course, when someone new is coming to their city, then I can set that up, too! Busy! Busy! ....Loving it!!

Have no fear... regular local dating still happens... I just think international dating is a cool phenomena which is worth mentioning. :)

For more info and to book a "Networking for Singles" appointment: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, then you are a suitable candidate to join my awesome “Networking for Singles” Network.

  1. Are you Jewish?

  2. Do you either speak English or Hebrew?

  3. Do you want to get married?

Do you want more info about a "Networking for Singles" meeting? Send me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am looking forward to meeting you! :)


Shira and Eytan... Dating, BH! :)





See more on my webstie: 

Do you want to discuss your dating situation? Book a Dating Mentoring session today: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Why would a “good” guy come to meet with me to get set up on a Date?

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Why would a “good” guy come to meet with me to get set up on a date?

Questions that you, the girl, may be asking; Is he “normal”? My kind of guy? Why would he need someone to set him up on a date? Is he only a certain religious type that goes to someone to get "set up" on dates?

You would be surprised about the number of eligible, “cool”, normal guys, of all ages (20 and up) and all types of religious and secular levels, world wide, who are relieved and thrilled to have someone who really gets to know them well enough to set them up on suitable date. The shocker is that if I don’t have a good idea now, then I will not set them up! They love that! They see that once someone new comes to meet with me, who is a suitable idea, then I will contact them and suggest it. Guys understand that in addition to the vast network of singles who I meet with individually and carefully match, they appreciate having someone to offer them advice, guidance and skills to ensure a positive and successful dating experience.

Do the girls love it? Yes. Let's just say... thrilled with the follow up, feedback, skills, advice and opportunities when suitable.. 

It’s the new, boutique style, niche in dating in the Jewish, modern world.

It’s happening here. “Networking for Singles” is a branch of

“Networking for Singles” - Dating Mentoring - Marriage Education

The best part is...  I love what I do!!! :) : ) :)

You are welcome to learn more about how I set singles up world wide: here

Or Contact Me for an appointment here.

Are you going to be my next shidduch?!!? :)

Looking forward!
Daniella :)


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Burying and Building: Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, z"l

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Rock Bottom. We as a Nation have hit spiritual heights of unity and compassion, yet as an individual, I feel that I have hit rock bottom regarding the kidnapping and subsequent murder of three young, teenage boys in Israel: Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, z"l.

Numb. Speechless. Sad. Broken.


As a human being, I find it unfathomable to be so cruel and ruthless. Hate is not part of my daily vocabulary, nor my family’s. We literally do not allow our children to say they “hate” something… We instill the “I do not like” to replace it. 

As a proud Jew, we made Aliya to Israel on Aug 17, 2005, with Nefesh B’Nefesh, 9 years ago. It was a glorious day for us on a personal level, but it was also infamously known as the day the Jews were forced to leave their homes from Gush Katif. Everyone was walking around in this same devastated manner. I am trying to wrap my head around the anti semitism which has infiltrated our world. Everywhere.

 As a Mother, I am crying for the loss of our boys. I am crying while I exercise, while I work, while I do my everyday activities, while I pray, while I read blogs, while I was at the funeral yesterday.

 Why do I feel so connected? Why has it hit me so hard?

 This morning, I read and shared a blog by Yair Lapid, which seems special, but typical to the rest of the blogs.

One line hit home for me.

It struck a chord.

On a personal level, as well as on a global level.

“When we bury a child, we cry over the lives they haven’t lived. Today we are burying a wedding; we’re burying the first breath of a newborn child. Today we are burying an entire Shabbat table that will never come into being. And so let’s remember every second that we are burying today a child.”


Aside from loving and taking care of my own family, I have spent the past 2 years filled with consecutive days running one into another devoted to helping to connect singles world- wide, in the hopes that I could help each individual ‘single’ in my network to meet their spouse.

 I didn’t come up with this brainchild myself, rather people found me. All part of G-d’s plan. Apparently, my MarriageArchitect website and title for my Marriage Education initiative to offer positive foundations to happy engaged and married couples, also conveyed to many the message that I set singles up.

Essentially, I started  avidly  “Networking for Singles” for:

All ages.

All religious levels.

All around the world.


Easy? No.

Endless work? Yes.

Endless Love for Jews? Yes.

Endless Love for People? Yes.

It is

Endless love to help someone achieve the ultimate happiness: Unity and Love with their Spouse.

Ultimately, I am also working on what we need desperately as a nation. Jewish Continuity.


I feel sadness for the Fraenkel, the Yifrach and the Shaar Families.

I feel the void. For them. For us.

I feel confused at how I can spend my every waking minute giving to others, while others are raised with the values of how to take.

To take life and to celebrate.

We celebrate life by giving.


I understand that nothing will #BringBackOurBoys alive.



It’s ok to cry.

But crying can’t be a lifestyle.

We will not make it our lifestyle.

Instead, I feel a need to attain the awareness on a daily basis in a meaningful way.

In light of Yair Lapid's words: “Today we are burying a wedding.. "

I feel the need to dedicate the many hours that I put into “Networking for Singles” to our boys… to have Jewish Homes built in their memory. The Jewish Continuity that they themselves can not achieve in person, but they can in spirit.

 My work and methods will all stay the same for as long as I am willing and capable.

Endless work.

Endless Love for Jews.

Endless Love for People.

Endless love to help someone achieve their ultimate happiness:  Unity and Love with their Spouse.


Jewish Continuity.


Only now, I will keep Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali z"l, in mind when "Networking for Singles" and building happy, Jewish homes.


May their memories be blessed.





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Radio Talk Show: Yishai Fleisher Interviews Daniella Rudoff, MarriageArchitect, on Voice of Israel

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Daniella Rudoff, Marriage Architect, on Yishai Fleisher's Talk Show on Voice of Israel. To listen, please click on this link:

Yishai Fleisher's website:

Daniella Rudoff is the "THE MARRIAGE ARCHITECT" - a dating and marriage educator and mentor who helps you incorporate communication and interpersonal relationship skills to help build a strong and positive foundation in all your relationships.

If you know a single who is looking for love, or need some marriage coaching, listen to my conversation with Daniella:

<a href= site:" width="466" height="350" style="position: absolute; left: -2px; top: 0px;">Yishai Fleisher Daniella Rudoff is the "THE MARRIAGE ARCHITECT" - a dating and marriage educator and mentor who helps you incorporate communication and interpersonal relationship skills to help build a strong and positive foundation in all your relationships. If you know a single who is looking for love, or need some marriage coaching, listen to my conversation with Daniella: Her site:
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Tongue Tied on a Date?

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Tongue tied on a date?


Ask a thought provoking question which will get the conversation rolling and it will allow you to learn a lot about your date's character, personality, priorities, childhood, family, communication skills and for your date to learn about you.


Nothing left to discuss? Then, try this!


Who was your favorite teacher in grades K-12? Why?

I asked this question to the many people at my Shabbat table this week.

There were some really great answers from people who live all around the world; Florida, New Jersey, Boston, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Beit Shemesh, and New York. Even the person who originally said that they couldn’t think of one teacher who had a positive effect on them throughout their childhood, realized that they actually had two favorite teachers! Everyone had such beautiful memories and inspirational stories to share with us.

Why was this teacher your favorite teacher? Did they smile at you with the energy that made you know that you could and would succeed at everything that you will do in life? Were they patient with you? Did they make learning fun? Did they make you feel smart? Did they have great stories to tell? Did you ever look at your watch during their class? Was it their fabulous and energetic personality that was just so attractive and loving? Did they write incredible notes to you on your tests? What is it that you love about that teacher?

Appreciate and Pay It Forward.

1. Today: Pick up the phone or send this teacher an email to thank them for being such an inspirational teacher and role model to you. Wow! You will truly make their day, week, year and life. The dedication that educators put into their work is priceless. Why rob them of such tremendous satisfaction? Inspire them to continue. Appreciate.

2. Pay It Forward. Be that genuinely positive individual, be the type of person who makes things fun! You will make an effect on the people around you, whether it is in the classroom, the board room or the dining room. Smiling is contagious. Being positive and confident is attractive. Model this teacher's behavior that you loved. Build on it. Be yourself. Be great. Make a positive and everlasting impact in this world. Today!

Daniella is a Dating Mentor and does “Networking for Singles” world wide! Join the club! Contact Daniella to schedule a meeting for her to get to know you well enough to set you up with a suitable match either immediately or for her to know you well enough to set you up when a suitable person comes to her in the future. Daniella meets singles in person in Israel and on video chat if they live internationally. Contact Daniella Rudoff at Why wait?

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