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I really am enjoying your class, not just for the refresher, but for "the marriage architect's" perspective. It's so nice that you have turned something so special and important into a career. It must be very rewarding and fulfilling.

Married 18 years.
Posted By: Aliza Miller
Beit Shemesh, Israel
Thank you SO much for hosting [Connect in Yerushalayim], like I said I think its something that's really lacking in Jerusalem and really appreciate you taking the time out to organize something (and at such short notice too!!). Like I said I have been to these things and they have been really cringe and this was a really fun/chilled night.

...If you organize anything else in the future please let me know as I'd be very happy to try and help getting people to come etc... we will hopefully be in touch then, thanks again!!

...happy to help, appreciate the time you put in to helping us!!
Posted By: Lara Savage
Hi Daniella. I hope everyone's doing well. I read your latest blog and really enjoyed it. I always enjoy reading whatever you write. You always make some valid and true points that I can always apply to my life. Now I just need some dieting advice. We are making Yechiel's bar-mitzvah in 10 weeks and I need to lose at least 20 pounds. Any concrete suggestions of the best and quickest way I can lose this weight? Thanks so much. I would love to hear back from you!
Posted By: Lisa
Passaic, NJ
When looking for a “kallah teacher” before our daughter’s wedding, we were hoping to find someone
who was knowledgeable in Taharat Hamishpacha, but also a positive role model for young brides.
Daniella Rudoff exceeded all of our expectations. Daniella spent countless hours going beyond the
halachic lessons required, and took time to offer insight and perspective on relationship building and
healthy communication in marriage. She spent time with the engaged couple together, providing a
warm and comfortable environment for both chattan and kallah to ask questions and share concerns. In
addition, Daniella has become a true friend to our daughter and son in law.

We highly recommend Daniella Rudoff as a kallah teacher, marriage advisor, and so much more.
Posted By: Stephanie Strauss
Daniella's class is very interesting and informative. She is a warm and dynamic teacher.
Posted By: Michelle
I have had the privilege of taking the Refresher Course in Taharas Mishpacha given by Daniella Rudoff.

She is a wonderful teacher and a joy to listen to. Daniella has a unique way of teaching the class in a very halachic based way – wanting us to really understand what the halacha is and why it is this way. This gave me a deeper appreciation for the beauty of halacha in general, not only in this area.

I very much enjoyed the class, I learned a lot, and gained a new perspective, and deeper insight on the topic.
Posted By: S.L. (Married 10 years!)
I had the pleasure of taking Daniella's Taharat HaMishpacha Refresher Course. The class was super informative and answered many questions I had. Information that I received when I was a kallah, like for some women, doesn't always sink in or make sense until a woman has to actually practice Taharat HaMishpacha. Due to pregnancies and nursing, the information I knew got rusty and the questions I never knew I needed to ask as a kallah had a warm place to find their answers in Daniella's course. Daniella addressed everyone's questions and consulted with Rabbonim when necessary. I highly recommend Daniella's Refresher Course to any married woman looking to deepen their understanding and connection to the relevant mitzvot.
Posted By: P.A.
I highly recommend the Marriage Architect course with Daniella Rudoff. The classes were exceptionally detailed and covered all aspects of marriage - from the halachic requirements of Family Purity to enhancing the emotional relationship between husband and wife - I wish I had known about 15 years earlier!
Posted By: S.H. (Married 16 years!)
I started going to Daniella for Kallah classes and I couldn’t let go of her. Her warm, inviting attitude made our meetings extremely pleasant, and I felt like she was truly invested in me and my partner. She gave us the skills necessary to build a strong, stable relationship and I feel more confident when dealing with communication issues. My feeling of her investment continued long past our Kallah classes and nowadays, I consider her an amazing friend and a great mentor.
Posted By: Allie
Daniella is an amazing and devoted kallah teacher. I really enjoyed learning with her; she made me feel really comfortable and encouraged me to ask questions. With her unique couple's class she gives you the tools to succeed in all areas of marriage. She taught me great techniques to help me remember halachot and we reviewed and reviewed till I got them down pat. Daniella's knowledge and dedication is remarkable and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to learn with her.
Posted By: Ayelet Krauss Becker

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