Let's Work Together to Manifest Discover Find Create Attract Build Develop Maintain the Relationship You Have Always Dreamed of


I am interested in meeting you, getting to know you and helping you meet your spouse.

I am also here to help you through your dating experience to make sure you meet and marry the right person for you. 

My niche is Jewish Singles of all ages, all religious and secular ranges, all around the world. You would be impressed by the varied range of people in my network! 

Once you get engaged you can check my services page for my Marriage Education services!

Check out my new and exciting Online Dating Course to help you get ready for dating successfully and if done right, it will help you in so many other ways to lead a happy and meaningful life.  

Marriage Architect Services

"Networking for Singles"

Boutique Style Dating Consulting.

I get to know every person who becomes part of my network. As my network grows, I constantly think of new ideas for each person and suggest potential dates.
Members of my network are all Jewish, either English or Hebrew speaking, and for the most part reside in Israel and the US. They are marriage minded individuals who want to get set up on a date.

Online Dating courses

Are you interested in dating successfully?

Level 1- Intro to Dating.

8 lessons, complete with pre lesson worksheets, homework and bonus points to lead you on the path towards successful dating. The skills taught in this basic course are important skills for dating and long term relationship building.

Dating Mentoring

I guide you from the beginning of the dating process all the way to being happily married to the right person.

  • Weekly meetings
  • Personal consultations
  • “Change your life: Dating Advice” series
Public Speaking

Speaking engagements designed for your audience. Topics ranging from dating, marriage, happiness, and communication skills and relationship building skills. In the US and Israel.

  • Yeshivot and Seminaries
  • Universities 
  • Synagogues
  • Your Community
Engaged and Married Couples

Couples who have taken my course have reported great success and happiness in their relationship after learning my communication skills, relationship building skills, and the secrets of a great marriage. 

  • Marriage Education
  • “How to Date Your Spouse”
  • Kallah/Jewish bride classe
"Refresher Courses" for Jewish Married Women

I offer review courses for already married women. I like to take a typical Taharat Hamishpacha Course to the next level by incorporating into the Halacha; communication skills, relationship building skills, useful tools, tips and practical techniques to enhance your marriage.


Hi Daniella, It was so nice getting to speak to you today! I really enjoyed the conversation and getting to know you. Thank you again!

"Networking for Singles" Client

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Yehuda and I, we really appreciate it. It’s really all thanks to you that our relationship exists and continues to grow stronger. Thanks!

Successful shidduch: "Networking for Singles" & Marriage Education Client

Hi, It was fun meeting you yesterday. I tried to take your advice about… Tried it on the way home, bumped into a guy I know on the bus, got asked out. He isn’t religious so it isn’t an option, but still felt nice. Thanks so much.

Dating Mentoring Client

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