About Marriage Architect

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I get it! Dating is hard!!

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You need to meet people who suit you – your personality and your aspirations. Then you need to develop a new emotionally intimate relationship on a firm foundation. It can make you feel stressed and uncertain, and the stakes couldn’t be more important.

Everyone deserves a hand when meeting their special someone and nurturing the awesome relationship that is the basis of a happy life. I understand how overwhelming dating can be, and how frustrating and painful it is to be set up with dates that go nowhere.

I have been helping singles like you for over 10 years.

Educating for Dating and Marriage leads to better dates and successful marriages. Singles I work with say they feel calmer and more confident with my gentle honest feedback and advice. They know I  will listen carefully and non-judgmentally, and I  only suggest a date when I think the person has the potential to really be a good match. They find the communication and relationship skills I teach are  relevant throughout life, in all kinds of relationships. And they feel secure because I am totally dedicated to whatever is truly in their best interests.

I Have Helped Hundreds of Singles to Get Married!

Hello and Welcome.
My Name is Daniella.

I live in Beit Shemesh, Israel with my incredible husband, Joshua, and together over 28 years of marriage we’ve raised 7 fabulous children, and welcomed so far 2 wonderful sons-in-law into the family.  We made  aliyah from New York in 2005. 

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Daniella's family

My family has been absolutely dedicated to this exciting development and creation of Marriage Architect. It is a family success for each engagement and marriage and Marriage Architect baby!! 🙂 My husband is my inspiration, mentor and role model of what a spouse should be in a marriage.

My career changed.  I went from being a Jewish studies teacher to teaching brides and educating couples.  I branded it the Marriage Architect: designing awesome marriages with education. Three years into teaching how to have an awesome marriage, people started asking me to set them up on dates. This snowballed pretty quickly – 100 people came to meet with me in the first 9 months! 

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BS, MS Jewish Education, Yeshiva University
Certified Kallah Teacher/ Teaching Jewish Family Purity to Brides, Yeshiva University
Certified Marriage Educator learning from Machon Puah, Marriage Therapists, Sex Therapists, Psychologists, Ob/Gyns, Aguna Prevention experts, and more

It takes a lot of time, energy and dedication to do matchmaking properly.  But I’m passionate about how fantastic a good marriage can be. And I knew that I could use my skills to help young singles get off to a good start.  So I decided the only way forward was to turn my passion into a full-time business. Marriage Architect had taken off to something beyond my original vision, but it felt so natural and needed in the world today. 

I’m thrilled by the successes of my couples, and that feeds my enthusiasm to create even more ways  to give couples a good start for dating and a solid foundation for marriage.  Because a good marriage is truly AWESOME!

Marriage Architect couple
“Thank you for making our shidduch you are the most awesome Matchmaker anyone can ask for!!! Taking the time to understand each person to find them the perfect match. making one feel comfortable and understood. Asking all the right questions and giving just the right amount of space but also asking relevant questions and giving helpful advice. When you are with Daniella, you know you are in the right hands!”
Aviva and Chaim Fishman
”I met with Daniella after a friend had suggested I do so, and discovered an extremely positive, enthusiastic woman who genuinely wants to help people get married. She is really great about staying in touch and has really made an effort to set me up with men who will be appropriate for me."
Daniella with another Marriage Architect couple
"Daniella is professional, positive and makes you feel like you're in the best hands, even though she doesn't guarantee anything. She checks in and keeps in touch during the process and is always available for advice and guidance... We couldn't be more grateful for meeting her and eventually meeting each other!"
Tzvi and Daniella
Daniella's 12th successful shidduch!
"I really value your efforts because you really try to set people up you think will have real success...As I told you when we met, I appreciated that you gave me face time and it wasn't a case (like with many Shadchanim I have gone to) where they just flip through files and say 'what about this girl A' or 'what about this girl B' (like a meat market). I am glad that you 'take the time' so that others won't waste their time on dates that don't have a chance to go anywhere."
J. S.
"I met with Daniella after a friend had suggested I do so, and discovered an extremely positive, enthusiastic woman who genuinely wants to help people get married. She is really great about staying in touch and has really made an effort to set me up with men who will be appropriate for me."
הגעתי לדניאלה לראיון וממש התרשמתי מהיחס החם והאכפתיות. כבר באותו יום היא הציעה לי בחורה. על הנייר זה לא היה נראה קשור, דניאלה אמרה לי - תן צ'אנס מה תפסיד מזה. אחרי שלושה חודשים כבר היינו מאורסים. כל חוויית הדייטינג היה מעולה וכלל ליווי צמוד של דניאלה לאורך התהליך. תודה רבה דניאלה על הכל!!
זאק ומיטל
Daniella and Josh at Yehuda and Leah's wedding
Thank you very much. I will never forget that this is all down to you (with Hashem's help and guidance of course)
Yehuda Finn
"I started going to Daniella for Kallah classes and I couldn’t let go of her. Her warm, inviting attitude made our meetings extremely pleasant, and I felt like she was truly invested in me and my partner. She gave us the skills necessary to build a strong, stable relationship and I feel more confident when dealing with communication issues. My feeling of her investment continued long past our Kallah classes and nowadays, I consider her an amazing friend and a great mentor."