Level 1: Intro to Dating

Interested in dating successfully? New to dating? Serial first-dater trying to move forward? This basic course will help you develop a more positive approach and skills to get on the path to building a long-term relationship.

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Congratulations on taking the leap to learn more about dating properly and what works well.

It’s true that dating can be challenging while waiting to meet your spouse. 

That’s why I am here for you. I want to help you with my personal advice which I have developed over many years of my setting up couples of all ages and guided them to happy and successful marriages. 

As an educator it made sense to create a dating course of what works best for dating right. Hence, the title of my course: Date Right. Marry Right. I started with calling it “Intro to Dating”, but people who have seen the course actually think it’s for everyone who may possibly need some of the basics to give them that boost of inspiration or reminder of what works best when dating. 

The perk you will find in my dating course is that behind every tip there is sound advice which will stick with you now while you date and often way into your marriage to help you build your ideal relationship.

There will definitely need to be a sequel, as I am just getting started!

Course Instructor

Daniella Rudoff Daniella Rudoff Author

Daniella Rudoff is The Marriage Architect.

For many years, she has been guiding singles and couples to meaningful, successful, long-lasting relationships. Drawing on her experiences, she has designed module-based courses containing some of her best advice that can be done wherever and whenever works best for you.

In this Level 1 course you will learn some basic skills, approaches, and information that will improve your dating success.
Just a few short videos and worksheets are all it takes to be a better partner, and a better person.

Why wait? Happy dating!

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