The Top 5 Challenges That Many Daters Face

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Are you interested in dating successfully?

The skills taught in this awesome 8-part course are important skills for dating and long-term relationship building. We cover Dating 101, Genetic Testing, The Art of Conversation,  Appreciation, and so much more. 

Start your transformation with my Dating Smarter Series! Learn how to date successfully  and avoid the  mistakes that other people have made… so smart to date smart!

After this 2 part webinar series, you’ll know what you can do today about dating, how to do it, and to be on the right path to meet your future spouse.

View this live seminar with the Marriage Architect, Daniella Rudoff. Cover all the bases with the seminar participants: Preparing to date. Being who you want to date. Creating the best dating relationship and keeping it going — through the wedding and beyond.

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Current courses include Date Right. Marry Right., the two-part webinar series Dating Smarter, and the Financially Smarter Couples course taught by Rifka Lebowitz. Many who have taken these courses have seen a significant difference in both their dating and professional lives! Many are engaged or married since taking the course and told me that it’s a direct result from my concepts in both my Date Right. Marry Right. AND my Dating Smarter Series

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Rifka Lebowitz

Getting married?

This the perfect opportunity to create a new financial reality where you really connect about money as a couple and where you learn to share and understand each other’s financial needs and dreams.



"Thank you so much for the Date Right. Marry Right. Series! The topics and pointers you discussed are so important and insightful. I think hearing them is a must for anyone dating. I think anyone starting to date can benefit tremendously by saving a lot of aggravation and help them learn to date smoothly and well. Had I heard it when I first started it would have been a huge help. After dating for a while you pick up and a lot, I think I've heard from you and others various topics that came up during the series, or have experienced it myself (not always the easy way). Hearing the series reiterates these points, gives me the awareness, and keeps it on my mind so that I can make sure implement them. Like you mentioned, it's about putting in the effort and keeping the momentum going. I look forward to learning more and reaching the ultimate goal. Thanks again!"
Now Engaged!!
"I am so appreciative to have learned these tools and hope to utilize them to refocus my dating experiences and just general removing negativity from my life." If you plan to hold similar seminars in the future please let me know! I really have gained so much from this experience and I hope that this wisdom bezrat Hashem brings me closer to finding my bashert!
"I want to thank you for inviting me to join this class. I’ve never really attended a class on dating. I’ve been very disheartened with the shidduchim/dating process. I’ve been told that it is hard to match me because I’m BT, I’m too old, etc. I do really want to get married and start the next chapter of my life, but the dating process becomes frustrating. That said I have been trying to be open about it and when you messaged me about the class I figured why not join? I am so glad I did!"
Date Right. Marry Right.
“It helped me with teaching me a better mindset to have for dating. It helped me a lot."
Dating Smarter Course – right before his first date with his wife!
"I learned so much from your webinar, and already am applying it in my dating life–both the attitudes & the actions. i did more networking & made sure to infuse it with good energy." So thank you SO MUCH for your advice!
Dating Smarter Series
"Thanks very much Daniella. Excellent content and presentation."
Dating Smarter Series
"When looking for a “kallah teacher” before our daughter’s wedding, we were hoping to find someone who was knowledgeable in Taharat Hamishpacha, but also a positive role model for young brides. Daniella Rudoff exceeded all of our expectations. Daniella spent countless hours going beyond the halachic lessons required, and took time to offer insight and perspective on relationship building and healthy communication in marriage. She spent time with the engaged couple together, providing a warm and comfortable environment for both chattan and kallah to ask questions and share concerns. In addition, Daniella has become a true friend to our daughter and son in law. We highly recommend Daniella Rudoff as a kallah teacher, marriage advisor, and so much more."
Stephanie Strauss
"Daniella is an amazing and devoted kallah teacher. I really enjoyed learning with her; she made me feel really comfortable and encouraged me to ask questions. With her unique couple's class she gives you the tools to succeed in all areas of marriage. She taught me great techniques to help me remember halachot and we reviewed and reviewed till I got them down pat. Daniella's knowledge and dedication is remarkable and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to learn with her.”
Ayelet Krauss Becker