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Marriage Architect couple

Daniella and Tzvi Gleiberman’s wedding!

Marriage Architect couple

Daniella Goodman and Tzvi Gleiberman’s engagement! 🙂

Daniella with Marriage Architect couple
It is with tremendous gratitude to G-d that I’m happy to announce (with permission) that they just got engaged!!!! The great reveal… Tada!! Stevenzvi Gleiberman is the guy with the red umbrella!! Back story for those who missed my posts about the “guy with the red umbrella”: Tzvi came to meet with me between two of the segers/national quarantines to see if I could set him up on a date with a suitable woman for him to marry. As soon as Corona started, I streamlined all of my Israel based meetings from being in- person to meeting on video chat, just like I’ve been doing since 2013 with anyone who wants to meet with me who lives in the US. Tzvi asked me, however, if he could meet me outdoors in person instead of on video chat. Being that it was allowed to meet outdoors at that time, I said yes, as long as it was during the day (because it was chilly weather) and not raining. Sure enough, he arrived at 2 pm and it had just started raining!! I didn’t know what to do. I came to my front door and said…”I don’t know what to tell you…” (I’m the safety first type of person.) He immediately asked if he could see my backyard. I said sure. Once we got there, he asked me if he could sit outside and I could sit indoors because of the rain. I felt bad at first, until I realized that he could sit under the overhang of the roof and I ran to get a special red umbrella, which I handed to him. This red umbrella was given to me in a beautiful “random act of kindness” which you can read about in a recent Facebook memory I re-posted last week, the day before Tzvi and Daniella Goodman got engaged! Anyhow, we had a wonderful meeting for almost 2 hours! I sat in my kitchen and Tzvi sat outside under the red umbrella. Somehow, I think his positive attitude and interest to meet despite the rain led us to believe something spectacular was in the air! Tzvi offered that we take pictures of this unusual and fun meeting with the red umbrella… So we have those pictures and we have this incredible picture of the new chattan and kallah, Tzvi Glieberman and Daniella Goodman! Special note: Daniella Goodman came to meet with me 3 months before and continuously had such nice things to say to me… how she loves what I do and how she knows that it’s not up to me when I set her up… She understood that I only want to set her up when the right type of guy comes my way. She was/ is always so positive. She’s the one who really had to wait… and she did it so beautifully! !! They got engaged on Thursday… My husband and I went there to celebrate at the engagement party and they came to my house on Sunday to celebrate at my house!!! Did you notice!? When they WhatsApped me that they were coming to my house I put on a red sweater to match the red umbrella!!
Daniella with Marriage Architect couple

Meet  Aviva and Chaim!
Cool background “Networking for Singles” story: Aviva came to meet with me in Jan 2019. I set her up once before Chaim came to meet with me in Aug 2019. As soon as I met Chaim, I told him that he has to meet Aviva! I set them up that same day. They met and it was amazing from the start! Baruch HaShem.
In my opinion, it’s not about how many times I set up a person. It’s about setting each person up with the right type of person.
Mazal tov, Aviva and Chaim! I’m so happy for you!

Daniella with a newly married Marriage Architect couple

Wishing my incredible couple a huge mazal tov and lots of good health and happiness! So much has happened since your wedding just last month… finally catching a moment to enjoy this picture of happy memories of a beautiful evening and please G-d your sweet life together!! I remember when I first met each of you… then set you up… and seeing you together is just so incredible!!

Sending love and good wishes… Aviva Accardi and Chaim Fishman!!!

Mazal tov Aviva and Chaim Fishman on your wedding!!!!

It was so special to celebrate together with you on your very special day!!

I’m so happy for you!!

It’s so exciting to me to marry off my 10th couple!!

Marriage Architect couple

Mazal tov to Aviva Accardi and Chaim Fishman on your Engagement!! 🙂

Wishing you much simcha and bracha!!

Marriage Architect couple Orthodox wedding

Awesomeness!!! I am so delighted to wish a huge Mazal tov to my  incredible couple, Chava Glass and Kalman Labinsky!! Baruch HaShem!! It was so incredible celebrating with you tonight! May you only know from continued happiness, joy, good health and love together forever! Mazal tov to the Glass family and the Labinsky family!!

#My9thShidduch #NetworkingforSingles #MarriageArchitect

Marriage Architect couple

Mazal tov!!!!!! I’m so excited to finally tell you… “Out of the blue”, I received an amazing WhatsApp today, with this beautiful picture and message: “Feel free to share!” So, now I am able to publically wish my beautiful couple, Judy Faizakoff and Ian Griggs, a huge, huge mazal tov on their engagement!!! May you only know from simcha, bracha and joy from each other!! May you always give joy to your family and friends! Lots of love from me!! I feel so honored and grateful to HaShem that I was able to set you up and bring you together, Judy and Ian!!

Marriage Architect couple
Marriage Architect couple
WooHoo!!! I am so excited to wish a huge Mazal Tov to my amazing couple, Natanyah Siegel and Charlie Varon on their engagement!!! Congratulations to Natanyah’s parents who live in Miami, Florida and Charlie’s parents who live in Atlanta, GA!! It’s pretty incredible because I introduced them while she is living in Virginia and he is living in Atlanta! They are my first couple who got engaged who both individuals presently live in the US and my 1st couple who met on FaceTime for their 1st date! I think all three of us  knew it was going to work as soon as they spoke! It’s been so fun and special to be part of your lives and to be so connected to such wonderful people. May you have a lot of the light of Chanuka shine bright in your lives… may you have blessing and joy, love and friendship together for many happy years to come, please G-d! SO COOL!!   Congratulations !!! Happy Chanuka! Happy Rosh Chodesh!! 
Incredible feeling!! Mazal tov to Shira and Eytan Goldstein on the birth of their second son, my 7th Marriage Architect Baby! I am so honored to have joined you at the bris today. It was incredibly special to me. I remember the day I met each of you, the day I set you up, your dating process, your wedding… may you continue to make us proud and keep doing what you’re doing! #MarriageArchitectBaby7
Wedding of Marriage Architect couple

I am so honored to have set up and married off my couple, Rivka Yael and Yosef Sherman! Mazal tov to you and to your families! May you have a lot of happiness and blessing in your lives together and a lot of joy from each other! Mazal tov!! 

Marriage Architect couple

Amazing!! I’m so honored to have made this shidduch today! BH!! Mazal tov to Rivka Yael Dunn and Yosef Sherman!!! I am so happy for you!!! You are an absolutely incredible couple!! YAY!!

baby of Marriage Architect couple

Amazing news!! Mazal tov to Eytan and Shira Goldstein on the birth of a beautiful, baby boy!! BH, this is my 5th ‘Marriage Architect ‘Baby! So special…this is one of the reasons that make my work so fulfilling! So exciting!! Mazal tov to the Goldstein and Zamore families!!

Daniella with Marriage Architect couple at wedding

WOW! Mazal tov to Shira Zamore and Eytan Goldstein on their wedding tonight!! I am honored that you are my 5th couple! May you have many years of simcha and bracha, good health and happiness and to be a continued source of nachas for your family, friends, and Am Yisrael I am so happy for you!!! 

Marriage Architect couple proposal

WooHoo!!!! Mazal tov!!! I just made my Shidduch #4

It is with tremendous joy and gratitude to Hashem that I would like to wish a huge Mazal Tov to Leah Miller and Yehuda Finn on their Engagement!! I feel blessed to have been able to introduce Leah and Yehuda!!! May you have many happy and healthy years of simcha, bracha and to be a source of nachat to your family, friends and Am Yisrael!

Lots of love!!

“Networking for Singles” is a branch of www.MarriageArchitect.com

(With permission to post, as always. Just saying!)

Daniella with Marriage Architect couple

Vered and Aaron Attar – 3rd couple’s wedding!

Marriage Architect couple

Absolutely Incredible!! “Networking for Singles” is really working, BH!!!!

Mazal Tov to Vered Halpern  and Aaron Attar on their engagement!!!!!!

First I met Vered and then 7 weeks later, I met Aaron. As soon as I met with Aaron, I told him that he absolutely must meet Vered…and the rest is history!  Really nice!! Mazal tov Tov!!!!!!  Go Daniella Rudoff!!  Shidduch #3!!!!

Mazal Tov to Alana and Tal Kohn!!

This is a successful Marriage Architect shidduch!!

It is so exciting to see “Networking for Singles” really working to match Jewish singles in Israel and world wide!

Share with your friends to help singles meet their spouse.

WooHoo!! Mazal Tov to Alana Goldman and Tal Kohn on their recent engagement!! Stats: I met with Alana in Nov 2012, virtually, while she was living in NY and ultimately, I set up Alana and Tal when Alana came to Israel for the summer in July 2013. Alana really wanted to date someone living in Israel. I met Tal a little bit before he joined my Marriage Architect event committee in July 2013. Alana is from NY and Tal is from Chicago.

Marriage Architect couple

Mazal tov to my 1st shidduch, Bayla and Gershon Tokayer!!! 🙂 Wishing you many happy and healthy years together!!

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