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Rebbetzin Daniella Rudoff, the Marriage Architect, talks about relationship building skills and developing communication skills between men and women.

Rabbi Mark Wildes, from Manhattan Jewish Experience invited Daniella Rudoff, the Marriage Architect to have a conversation about Dating. Enjoy!

Daniella at an event
A matchmaker’s survival guide for dating in a digital world

A matchmaker's guide to improving your relationship

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Modern matchmaking in Jerusalem

Daniella Rudoff is nothing like her Fiddler on the Roof predecessor.

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Introduction to "Networking for Singles"

Presenting a positive approach to dating and learning the skills and tips to date with confidence. You will also learn some of the skills and tips to implement when you start building a happy relationship with the person you choose to date and marry.

5 Ways Parents of Daters can connect with their children who are dating!

My child is dating! How do I help them date? How can I be there for them as they date?

I'm Your Marriage Architect Matchmaker

Start your transformation with my Dating Smarter Series! Learn how to date successfully  and avoid the  mistakes that other people have made… so smart to date smart!

The Top Five Dilemmas Daters Face

Daniella discusses the top five dating challenges that many daters face.

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