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Hello and Welcome.
My name is Daniella.

I live in Beit Shemsh, Israel with my incredible husband, Joshua, and together over 27 years of marriage we’ve raised 7 fabulous children, and welcomed so far 2 wonderful sons-in-law into the family.

Daniella's family

My family has been absolutely dedicated to this exciting development and creation of Marriage Architect. It is a family success for each engagement and marriage and Marriage Architect baby!! 🙂 My husband is my inspiration, mentor and role model of what a spouse should be in a marriage.

When deciding to be a marriage educator, I felt inspired to teach couples how to build a happy marriage with solid skills and foundations. Hence, the name, Marriage Architect. This is how it all began…

I am not sure how or the reason that “Networking for Singles” all began, but I do know that incredible guys and girls, men and women, singles of all ages 19 and up, started coming to meet with me and see if I knew of a spouse for them. I found that as each person came to meet with me, I became their friend who wants to set them up. I felt energized from the very start to help them. I started “Networking for Singles”. Little did I know that this would become my full-time career.

After 9 months of doing this pro bono, this went from a small network to a very large network of people, I needed to decide whether I should continue working for the greater, Global Jewish singles community or close the doors entirely and get a regular day job. Seeing that there was a definite need, I figured that I would give it a shot, formalize the position, create an official business and see what I could do for my rapidly growing “Networking for Singles” community.

Over the past few years this has continued to develop at a steady pace and many beautiful results have taken place; 14 successful, happy marriages, my recent 15th engaged couple, 18 Marriage Architect babies (!!!), positive dating, a positive environment for people to feel like a person, enjoying a meeting with me to really get to know them well enough to set them up either immediately or in the future and not seen as a piece of paper. The potential is great!

So many individuals have told me the priceless value of the meeting has helped them in meeting their spouse either via my setting them up or them meeting them in a different way. It’s sometimes as a result of something that they learned in the meeting or as a result of their efforts to make this step of coming to meet with me. It’s unpredictable, but really special to watch when it happens.

I know so many hundreds of people and as I meet each new person, it is exciting to see if I have someone suitable for them to meet. If someone wants to be very proactive and work with me after the initial meeting, then some choose to do the newer Proactive VIP service. We have to be a good fit to work together. It is super exciting to see what’s generating from Proactive! Fortunately, some really great things are going on behind the scenes… I can’t wait to tell you about them! 🙂

This is where it all begins: I love getting to know each person during my ‘in person’ meeting in Israel or in a Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting, when my client lives outside of Israel or even in Israel as a result of Corona precautions… then I start thinking of a suitable idea for them, working quickly via WhatsApp, email or Facebook messages to set the couple up for a first phone call, then making sure that things are running smoothly for their first date. Daters, who I set up, have appreciated my staying in touch and offering dating advice and encouragement or to make sure that they end the relationship if it’s not going anywhere. If they choose to be more Proactive, then they can apply to join the proven Diamond VIP service and the newer, mini VIP Gold service. I’m happy to share more information with you when relevant.

I incorporate my professional and personal experiences as I coach, mentor, consult and enrich daters on their way to marriage. I am an educator and not a therapist, just what the average, dater, and happy couple needs.

Education is the
first step in Prevention.


Mrs. Leora Bednarsh
Rabbi Avishai David
Rabbi Shalom Rosner
Mrs. Pircha Soloveichik


Certified Instructor learned at Yeshiva University in Hilchot Niddah, relationship building, and marriage education.
Educated by Machon Puah in women’s health issues within the framework of Halacha.
M.S. in Jewish Education, Azrieli Graduate Institute, Yeshiva University
B.A. in Jewish Studies, Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University

I am available to consult with you:

in person
via phone | Zoom | Google Video Chat
privately | group sessions | speaking
engagements in Israel and occasionally in the US
in English and/or Hebrew
Contact Daniella: Daniella@MarriageArchtiect.com
Facebook: Daniella Rudoff