DR Club

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$200 / 3-month package

Become a Date Right. Marry Right. Dating Roundtable Club Member!

Marriage minded, Jewish singles in your 20s and 30s, looking to meet someone special and to Date Right and Marry Right are invited to join this private club. Whether or not you have already come to meet with me, Daniella Rudoff, you are receiving this special opportunity. The DR Club will meet on alternating weeks from the regular Dating Roundtable, with DR Club members only. The Club meeting will include Dating Q and A based on questions I receive before, during and after these sessions. I will also bring dating scenarios and questions that have come up in other situations. Included in the 3 month offer are both of my dating courses in order to give you many new opportunities for mindset shifts and growth and even more ways to have a positive meaningful life. I will be so happy to hear from you how they have helped you! If you take even one new concept and apply it to your life it will be awesome for you!

Why Join the DR Club?

The Dating Roundtable events have led to many dates and several couples who are currently dating. I hope to continue to replicate this success and give you all of the amazing opportunities for meeting people and dating education that have been my hallmark for many years. DR club gives Jewish Singles, like-minded individuals, who want to get married a platform to meet and really get to hear each other speak. Dates are really happening and joining can be life changing. Initial Dating Roundtable events are free for right now, but only DR Club members will get invitations and reminders for future Dating Roundtables to meet new people after attending the first free event.