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“Networking For Singles”

Boutique Style Dating Consulting

My number one priority in setting up singles is matching them with the right person with good and complementary values.
I take the time to get to know every member of my singles network in depth, so that every member of the network feels confident and safe when they’re being set up.  I do my best to know you well enough to set you up with a suitable date when I can.
My services are only appropriate for Jewish singles who are serious about getting married. Members of my network are English or Hebrew speaking, of all ages, all religious and secular levels, and largely reside in Israel and the US.
Daniella consulting
How It Works.

You will schedule one in- person or video chat meeting of 1.5 hours with me: This is my way of getting to know you as a person. You are so much more than a dating resume to me, and it is important that we’re both clear on who you are and what you want. In this trusting space, I get a sense of your one-of-a- kind personality. We will cover exactly what makes you unique and special, and what you are looking for in a prospective spouse.

You will receive personalized guidance for effective dating. This meeting is intended for me to get to know you well enough to set you up with your spouse.

After this meeting, as an added bonus, you will be an official member of my singles network, and I will do my best to set you up if and when there is an appropriate match within my existing network, and as new singles enter the network if they are appropriate for you. At that point, I will reach out to you directly.

While there are no guaranteed dates as a part of this value-added service, it is my pleasure to set you up when the opportunity arises naturally.

If I don’t have an idea for you now, and if you are interested in a more proactive approach on your behalf, you have the option to apply to join my more advanced, VIP Proactive Service

Proactive VIP Services

The ‘VIP Proactive “Networking for Singles”  Service’ includes personalized and extensive networking and researching behind the scenes to set you up on suitable dates. I will meet and evaluate dating prospects for you to see if they might suit you.  This allows me to create a relationship with them, in order to better serve both of you when possible. 
As a VIP you will communicate daily with me via Whatsapp (voice and text) and  schedule video chat meetings every 2-3 weeks. You are supported with individualized attention, while I research and network on your behalf behind the scenes.
Daniella in consultation
Dating Mentoring

I guide you from the beginning of the dating process all the way to being happily married to the right person.

You will benefit from a full support plan that includes:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Personal consultations
  • “Change your life: Dating Advice” series
How It Works.

I feel very connected to each person who I work with and do what I can on a daily basis to bring happiness to individuals who become couples through my in-depth work. I meet with each person, I truly get to understand each person well enough to identify who is a good idea for them, I am in touch from date to date for the first months to guide both individuals in the couple and to assess that they are on the same page. I like to make sure that both the man and the woman are genuinely comfortable and really happy dating the person I set them up with and who they are dating. I’m only interested in encouraging happy couples to date through my work. That’s a huge value to you and one that I am very proud of. 

Dating Coaching

Have you dated so many times and you finally met someone you like, but they are different than what you expected?  Can this work?

Are you dating someone who you thought was a good idea for you and now you’re not sure if this is the right person for you?


We schedule Personalized 1:1 Sessions offering Dating guidance and coaching based on what you are up to in the dating process.

Contact me for more information.


Online Dating Courses
man learning online

Are you interested in dating successfully?

Date Right. Marry Right.

The skills taught in this awesome course are important skills for dating and long-term relationship building. We cover Dating 101, Genetic Testing, The Art of Conversation,  Appreciation, and so much more. 

How It Works.

Once you sign up for a course you will get access to all of its associated lessons, pre-lesson worksheets, videos, homework and bonus points to lead you on the path towards successful dating. 

Current courses include Date Right. Marry Right., the two-part webinar series Dating Smarter, and the Financially Smarter Couples course taught by Rifka Lebowitz.

woman talking online
For Engaged and Married Couples

Learn my techniques for communication skills, relationship building skills, and the secrets of a great marriage. 

  • Marriage Education
  • “How to Date Your Spouse”
  • Kallah/Jewish bride classes
For Married Women

A review course for already married women. More than a typical Taharat Hamishpacha Course! I incorporate vital communication skills, relationship building skills, useful tools, tips and practical techniques to enhance your marriage.

“I came to Daniella Rudoff for a meeting and I was truly impressed with her warm interaction and with how much she cared. Already the same day, Daniella suggested a young woman to me, who on paper didn’t seem like the type that would be my type, but she said “Give this a chance because you’ll see that it will be smart to meet her. After three months we were already engaged! All of our dates were amazing and in general, Daniella was with us in the way that felt right, the whole time. Thank you very much, Daniella, for everything!”
Zach and Meital Smulowitz
"Daniella, meeting you was a turning point for me. I was able to open up and talk about what it was I was looking for in a mate without having to worry about being judged or saying something that might seem superficial. I was also able to open my mind wider and think a little more out of the box which was an important factor in making a decision to pursue someone who on paper would have never been suggested as a match yet we are perfect for each other."
male client
"Networking for Singles"
"Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and Yehuda and I, we really appreciate it. It's really all thanks to you that our relationship exists and continues to grow stronger. Thanks!"
Leah Finn
Successful shidduch: "Networking for Singles" & Marriage Education Client
"I really value your efforts because you really try to set people up you think will have real success...As I told you when we met, I appreciated that you gave me face time and it wasn't a case (like with many Shadchanim I have gone to) where they just flip through files and say 'what about this girl A' or 'what about this girl B' (like a meat market). I am glad that you 'take the time' so that others won't waste their time on dates that don't have a chance to go anywhere."
J. S.
"I met with Daniella after a friend had suggested I do so, and discovered an extremely positive, enthusiastic woman who genuinely wants to help people get married. She is really great about staying in touch and has really made an effort to set me up with men who will be appropriate for me."
“Thank you! And thank you for bringing us together as we are so happy together and we thank you so much for making our lives complete!”
Chana Weinberger
Marriage Architect couple
“Thank you for making our shidduch you are the most awesome Matchmaker anyone can ask for!!! Taking the time to understand each person to find them the perfect match. Making one feel comfortable and understood. Asking all the right questions and giving just the right amount of space but also asking relevant questions and giving helpful advice. When you are with Daniella, you know you are in the right hands!”
Aviva and Chaim Fishman
Marriage Architect couple
"Thank you so much, Daniella, for introducing us and coming to celebrate our wedding. It was so special that you were able to join in our simcha!! You were so amazing throughout the whole process and we appreciate how much you cared and helped us along the way. We cannot thank you enough, Baruch Hashem!!!"
"Hey Daniella, I always think of you whenever we have special moments as a couple and family. Thank you for making our shidduch! You changed our lives :)"
Rivka Yael Sherman
"Today we’re celebrating exactly a year since I met Chava the first time, thnx for introducing me to Chava and making this happen, it's been a great year!"
Kalman Labinsky
"I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for everything you've done. My conversation went really well on Sunday evening, and I'm very much looking forward to my second phone call with her this Sunday. Thank you so much for being so kind, thoughtful, and attentive to my dating inquiries. I'll make sure to contact you after my next phone date and let you know how our call went."
"Thank you for the zoom meeting. I think it really helped to show me the proper mindset to have before the date."
“Thank u so much!!!! 💗💗💗 and thanks for always checking in on me and looking out for me!!”
Now A Married Client
"You already make me so happy!! Just by being you! I just love working with you and you help ME enjoy the process so much! I really believe that whether you’re the person to introduce me to my husband or it comes from somewhere else, YOU DID help me meet him!! You helped bring him to me whether you introduced me to him or not."
VIP Client, Got Engaged While Working Together
"Daniella is an amazing and devoted kallah teacher. I really enjoyed learning with her; she made me feel really comfortable and encouraged me to ask questions. With her unique couple's class she gives you the tools to succeed in all areas of marriage. She taught me great techniques to help me remember halachot and we reviewed and reviewed till I got them down pat. Daniella's knowledge and dedication is remarkable and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to learn with her."
Ayelet Krauss Becker
Daniella Rudoff standing outside


Daniella is available to speak in person via Video Chat |
privately | group sessions.
Speaking engagements in Israel and occasionally in the US, in English or Hebrew