Daniella, meeting you was a turning point for me. I was able to open up and talk about what it was I was looking for in a mate without having to worry about being judged or saying something that might seem superficial. I was also able to open my mind wider and think a little more out of the box which was an important factor in making a decision to pursue someone who on paper would have never been suggested as a match yet we are perfect for each other.
"Networking for Singles"
male client
Thank you so much for all that you have done for Yehuda and we really appreciate it. It's really all thanks to you that our relationship exists and continues to grow stronger. Thanks!
Successful shidduch: "Networking for Singles" & Marriage Education Client
When looking for a “kallah teacher” before our daughter’s wedding, we were hoping to find someone who was knowledgeable in Taharat Hamishpacha, but also a positive role model for young brides. Daniella Rudoff exceeded all of our expectations. Daniella spent countless hours going beyond the halachic lessons required, and took time to offer insight and perspective on relationship building and healthy communication in marriage. She spent time with the engaged couple together, providing a warm and comfortable environment for both chattan and kallah to ask questions and share concerns. In addition, Daniella has become a true friend to our daughter and son in law. We highly recommend Daniella Rudoff as a kallah teacher, marriage advisor, and so much more.
Stephanie Strauss
I started going to Daniella for Kallah classes and I couldn’t let go of her. Her warm, inviting attitude made our meetings extremely pleasant, and I felt like she was truly invested in me and my partner. She gave us the skills necessary to build a strong, stable relationship and I feel more confident when dealing with communication issues. My feeling of her investment continued long past our Kallah classes and nowadays, I consider her an amazing friend and a great mentor.
Daniella is an amazing and devoted kallah teacher. I really enjoyed learning with her; she made me feel really comfortable and encouraged me to ask questions. With her unique couple's class she gives you the tools to succeed in all areas of marriage. She taught me great techniques to help me remember halachot and we reviewed and reviewed till I got them down pat. Daniella's knowledge and dedication is remarkable and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to learn with her.
Ayelet Krauss Becker
I really value your efforts because you really try to set people up you think will have real success...As I told you when we met, I appreciated that you gave me face time and it wasn't a case (like with many Shadchanim I have gone to) where they just flip through files and say 'what about this girl A' or 'what about this girl B' (like a meat market). I am glad that you 'take the time' so that others won't waste their time on dates that don't have a chance to go anywhere.
J. S.
I met with Daniella after a friend had suggested I do so, and discovered an extremely positive, enthusiastic woman who genuinely wants to help people get married. She is really great about staying in touch and has really made an effort to set me up with men who will be appropriate for me.

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